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Bringing Smiles
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About Superior A.R.T.

Superior A.R.T. offers comprehensive fertility and genetic services in state-of-the art Assisted Reproduction Technology (A.R.T.) Laboratories in Bangkok Thailand. Superior A.R.T. was set up in 2007 by a group of leading Thai Infertility specialists, with collaboration from Australian world leading fertility and A.R.T. treatment providers, offering a level of experience, expertise, research, and professional care and support which made us the leading centre in Southeast Asia in overcoming the obstacles of infertility and fulfilling families dreams of a healthy baby.

We are committed to making your hope of parenthood come true.

Wonder if you may have fertility issues?

Why Superior A.R.T. ?

A breakthrough in medical excellence

Superior A.R.T. provides state-of- the art fertility and genetic treatments, procedures and testing. Many of our sophisticated technologies are developed in-house by one of our parent companies, making us unique in Asia in having access to the latest and most innovative technologies, allowing us to respond to the many needs of our patients and to continuously improve success rates.

Success is the result of dedication

With our exceptional combination of medicine, science and technology, Superior A.R.T. provides patients with success rates equal to the world’s highest standards. Our key to these high success rates is our persistence in following best practice international guidelines and standards without compromise.

A touch of personalized care

We place great emphasis on personalized care, in order to help patients both physically and emotionally, and to maximize outcomes. Our model of personalized medicine is to combine a team of fertility specialists, nurses, scientists, counsellors, and support staff, who accompany the patient throughout the fertility treatment, ensuring the best possible personalized treatment plan for care and for the best outcomes.