Semen Collection

Semen Collection

On the day of the egg retrieval the embryologists prefer the male partner to collect semen fresh at the clinic if possible. If male cannot come that day then they may collect at the clinic on a day prior to egg retrieval and have the washed sperm frozen. While in some special cases collection can be done at home, hotel etc., this is not ideal since the semen sample can be contaminated with bacteria when it is collected. Also ideally it is best to begin the sperm washing procedure as soon as possible in order to remove the quality sperm from the seminal plasma.

When the female partner goes to the procedure room for egg retrieval, the male partner is taken to the collection room. Collection by masturbation is best in order to avoid contact with any bodily fluid from the male or the female partner. This is because all bodily fluids (saliva, vaginal fluids) contain bacteria. After he collects his sample, the male partner will return the sample to a window into the Andrology laboratory, situated next to the collection rooms.

The collected semen will be left for about 30 minutes to liquefy, and will then be washed as appropriate for

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