First Appointment

Whether you are dreaming of becoming pregnant or planning for the future, we invite you to make an appointment by calling, e-mailing, booking online, or visiting us. Our team of highly trained professionals in the field of reproductive health is available to meet with you and bring more clarity as you explore the possibilities. It’s our job to give you the information you will need to choose what’s best for you and your family. At this time, your consultation will be arranged with our fertility expert. From this point forward, your treatment is customized to give your family the best possible experience. This will include preparations you can do to feel confident in the decision you make for your reproductive wellbeing. Our team is here for you.

Check Up Process

Now it is time to gather information specific to you and your partner using standard, simple tests that can be conducted at your convenience right here in our facility or can sometimes be done in your home country. There will be separate tests designed for each of you.


We understand that this is an exciting and perhaps scary journey you are embarking on. Our compassionate team will ensure this is a meaningful and enriching experience as you plan for your future. With our caring counselling team on hand every step of the way, we will help you prepare both physically and emotionally so that you can have the best possible results. Here we provide you with some clear guidelines that will help you through the process. If you have any questions about the given information, we are here to support you.

How to Prepare Your Mind

Gather information to make the best possible decision

Have a companion for support throughout the consults and tests

Do not overthink the process. We will support you.

How to Physically Prepare for Your Cycle


Avoid using drugs and alcohol

Having no fever or infections

Consult with physician before taking any hormone balancing or herbal medicine

Quit smoking


Avoid using drugs and alcohol

Having no fever or infections

Quit smoking

Avoid tight clothing or heat near testes for a few weeks or prior to providing semen sample

Abstain for only 2-3 days before providing semen sample